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Die Young 2

No thinking, just action

The film tells a story about an accidental meeting of two young people, an encounter that threatens to become rather sinister as the movie evolves. The chilling story simply glues the eyes to the screen. As the credits go by, you can merely be grateful for the fact that such things only happen in movies. Or do they?

Starring Julius Seljamaa („Revolution of Pigs“) and Nele Kirsipuu.

Music by Chalice, Sten Šeripov and Röövel Ööbiku, among others.

Screenplay by Asko Künnap, director Jan Erik Nõgisto, camera Tauno Sirel, produced by Margus Karu.

This movie is not recommended for the weak of heart.

In Estonia the possibility to get infected by HIV is three times greater than in Latvia and 12 times greater than in Finland. By sexual contact, at least one person gets infected by this incurable and lethal disease each and every day. The amount of HIV-positive people in Estonia exceeds 6200, whilst the real number of the infected can be even bigger, probably even more than 12000. This epidemics is not a joke.